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No Parties, No Pets in this listing

Interesting, isn’t it?

Love it! I wish listed it :grin: :airplane:

Yes, so air now gets a piece of the airline ticket! I guess? Saw this a few days ago and wondered?

Oh I would assume there’s big bucks attached and some sort of marketing deal between the two. This might be the start of a whole new revenue stream for Airbnb and a way for airlines to sell off empty seats. It’ll be interesting to watch how it all unfolds.

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I clearly say No Parties in my listing. I do allow pets.

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What am I missing on this thread? I don’t get the joke. Did someone delete their comment?

Did you click the link?

Oh there is a link? I have to say - as someone who designs web interfaces for a living that link color is very very bad. It needs to b clearly different from the text. Many people cannot discern that dark a a blue from black. Especially on a mobile device. The only serious flaw in an otherwise beautifully designed web experience.

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