No notification of instant reservations

Over the last couple weeks, I’ve had three instant reservations that showed up on my calendar by surprise, because I never received e-mail notification from Airbnb. I check my spam folder regularly and am sure that Airbnb e-mails are not being stopped by my spam filter. I called Airbnb customer service yesterday and was told that their records prove they did indeed send e-mail notifications in all three cases and that this must be an e-mail problem with Comcast, my internet provider. Anyone else had this problem? Suggestions?

Hello jgw_jgw,

When my company gets a booking through our Masters Accounts from these channels, we send an email immediately to our Property Owner.

Would you like to know how that works?

You might also turn on notifications via text message to have a second layer of information.
Are you receiving any of their other messages? Payment, reviews, the usual Airbnb spam?

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I also get notifications via the app on my smartphone. Since I have lots of same day or day before instant bookings getting timely notification is important. I did turn off text notifications but that’s also an option. Failing all that you just have to go directly to your Airbnb calendar multiple times a day.

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Please stop interrupting our discussions with your no-so-subtle attempts to sell your servicers. This is NOT your personal advertising platform!

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I get three pings from: the AirBnB App, messages and email. After the first two I am like: okay I get it jeez.

A recent half-hour call with Comcast confirmed that the notification problem is not related to their service. Lo and behold, this morning I received this note from Airbnb:

"Hey John, Greetings from Airbnb!

I apologize for the inconveniences caused however the technical department did investigate and found out that it was a technical glitch from our end, and they are currently working to fix it, an interim fix was made initially however it did not work as desired therefore they are now trying to eradicate the issue, therefore, will take sometime.

Hope you understand!"