No more luggage storage challenges for visitors and hosts

Renting your holiday home through AirBnb is becoming more and more popular in both Australia and in the rest of the world.
One recurring problem is however the problem of storing visitors luggage on both arrival date and departure date, as most visitors from abroad either arrive very early and/or their departure flight is very late, which means that they’re often faced with a challenge called luggage.
Normally there are no luggage storage facilities in connection with AirBnb holiday rentals, which is why we have come up with a solution to facilitate this problem with our new online luggage storage booking platform.
At a low hourly rate we cater for travellers by offering them luggage storage facilities at shops, stores, cafees etc. in the local area or situated strategically near traffic hubs.
The system uses the fact that the shops already have the space, and in return they also get traffic directed their way.
So if a traveller arrives early with a late check in, or an early check out with a late flight, the traveller will never have to “waste” his/her holiday looking after their luggage, and the AirBnb host will never be faced with having disappoint visitors risking bad reviews. There will always be a luggage storage facility near by.
All booking are done online, and the shops only have to check in, give a receipt, provide anti-tamper seal, store securely and check out when traveller picks up. Drop’n’local provides insurance coverage for the luggage stored. We find the suitable stores, and have already been contacted by several potential new stores and shopping centres.

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Ian Price

Ian, are you a host? This has never been a problem for me. On what do you base this hypothesis?

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Jaquo. Both as a host and a visitor it has been a challenge to store luggage. Especially on departure day with early check out and late flight. So I am not basing it on any hypothesis. I am basing it on facts.

I think it’s really depending of the place you are renting

HI @Dropnlocal

Something is only 'a fact’t if you have carried out market research with a meaningful and demographic sample of hosts and guests to identify this as being an issue. Just because you and perhaps some people you know having had this problem doesn’t make it a fact. It just makes it your experience.

I too have never had this problem either as a guest or a host.

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I agree. For some its a problem and for others its not. And now there is a solution for the ones who have a problem. The ones who do not have a problem need not care. Simple.

I think this sounds great. I look forward to it coming to Washington DC. I don’t mind storing luggage, but it’s not always convenient for me OR the guests. I’m as much as 30-45 minutes away from where they will depart.

For instance, my nice guests are here just two nights -only one day in DC. Tomorrow they leave from downtown mid day. If they had your service they could take their luggage downtown with them and tour another museum after storing it. Then pick it up and head to the train station. Nice!! Otherwise they have to come back out to my place and pick it up, then head back into town.

There is storage at the train station but it is ungodly expensive.