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No more little red '1', just a teal dot....but

I like a lot of the new changes to the listings - especially being able to view the photos without opening up the listing - but what I think is funny is that, while they changed the little red number under ‘dashboard’ to the little teal dot, it STILL CONTINUES TO SHOW THOUGH I HAVE NOTHING ON MY DASHBOARD TO RESPOND TO!!!

How funny is that? It does happen to other people, right? It irks me!

Throughout the weekend, requests have been pouring in but only one or two have made it through the app or the text message relay. Glitchy.

Yes. Same here. I check the messages and the notification is still there.

I’ve always been able to click through the pics for a listing without going into the whole shebang. :slight_smile:

It has been glitchy for me for sometime now, also a new flaw is I’m receiving 4 notifications on my phone for ever message which comes through!

I have the same thing with the teal dot.

Another wonk is that I’m not getting four push notifications for each event. New email? BONG BONG BONG BONG. Booking Inquiry, again with four. It’s so bizarre.

OK I’ll be satisfied with the annoying mean-nothing teal dot! That would make me crazy!

I, too, am getting four duplicate notifications instead of one.

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