No more free photography offered

We’ve just listed our third airbnb property and went to schedule our free photography as we have for our previous two (one in Sydney one in Melbourne) only to find out the free photography is no longer offered!

I guess you can’t be mad when it was free to start with but I always thought this was a really useful feature of airbnb- and useful for airbnb too as it makes the listings look more professional which might nab those hotel-goers.

We really see the value in professional photos so even though it will probably be close to $200 will probably spend it… but can’t help think its yet another way that airbnb really doesn’t want to help it’s hosts!

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It appears that when AirBNB feels that they have saturated a specific market that they chose not to offer free photography. Some locations that don’t yet have “enough” market share continue to have this option.

So, you are unlucky that you bought a unit where this offer is no longer offered, but the program has not been eliminated completely.

@anon67190644, purely out of interest, do you know what airbnb classifies as a market? eg a city or suburb? (The reason I ask is this latest place is also in Melbourne but in a suburb with a LOT less Airbnb’s than our other place in Melbourne for which we got photos taken about 6 months ago)

@jodes. I don’t really know. I do know that they stopped offering photos in the Boston “market” which includes close-in suburbs about two years ago.

As @anon67190644 says Airbnb haven’t stopped offering a free photography service, they just assess where they need to offer this service.

With three properties $ 200 AUD is a very small amount to invest in your marketing, so you are right to want to do this.

The bonus is you can ask the photographer for shared copyright, put together a shoot list and chose which images are used on your listing as well as have quality images you use for other marketing purposes.

It’s not about them not wanting to help hosts. It’s about them only offering this benefit for hosts where they need to.


I had a bit of a cranky ole dear last week, her husband in contrast was amazing and he stayed in our sitting room for 2 days chatting with our family, while she went off to bed on her own.

She complained in feedback that there was no televisions as listed in my home. We have 3 TV’s in our house, one in a private guest sitting room, one is the main sitting room and one in the sun room. I took some delight in telling her she was very incorrect in her claim and if she looked at the photographs taken by the air photographer of my house with TV’s, it showed 3 different rooms with 3 TV’s.

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So I have two more photographers coming into my house, one on the 14th and another on the 19th, but oddly the one who took pics on June 10th is giving me weird messages about how another photographer is coming to my place and that he is waiting for airbnb to answer him about my photos. I’m so confused! Has anyone had misplaced digital professional photos??

Just in case,
I offer pro interiors photography in Birmingham UK and surrounding areas.
I completed around 20 full photo shoots for West MIdlands hosts.
I will be happy to help!
Many thanks