No more bookings?

I’ve been an Airbnb host for a couple of years and have been a superhost for longer than one year. I’m offering several listings and my occupancy rate is usually quite high (more than 80%). Usually I get booked shortly in advance (about a week on average).

I’m experiencing a sudden lack of bookings which I find quite worrying: until now everything was almost always booked as normal, but from today-ish I have virtually no bookings anymore.

I can provide a screenshot of my calendar, but this forum says I can’t include neither images nor links…

Currently it’s peak seasons, my prices for the next days were in line with the past days’ and I further lower them to no avail.

If I search for a place in my city, my listings do show up (but maybe they might not appear to other people?)

I can think of a few things that changed in the past couple of weeks: I removed a co-host from all my listings and added them to the team, I rejected a very shady-looking request (first rejection in a couple of months), I had a slightly unpleasant conversation with an Airbnb employee about something… Is it possible that some of these things had a strong impact on my status?

Anybody got a clue about what might be happening and how to get some bookings soon?

@jimbo the reason you can’t post links or images as a new poster here is to stop some unscrupulous companies and individuals who join just to spam the forum members.

In your case posting your calendar won’t help us provide you with feedback, what we need is a link to your listing. (If you want you can send me a PM with a link and I can post it here for you).

Rejecting one booking request and speaking to Airbnb won’t affect your ranking.

We can’t really suggest what might be happening unless you share your listing. Could be increased competition, less demand, a negative review, a cancellation, blocked out calendar dates or any number of factors.

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Perhaps there are more AirBnbs in your area this season. I know that’s what’s happening in my area. I was one of the few AirBnbs but now there are so many and since they’re new to the market, they show up on top plus they’re less expensive.

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When you search always use a private browser like Chrome Incognito to see how you listing is showing to others.

Airbnb does experience glitches and bugs and sometimes people report that their listing has just disappeared.

Maybe. If the shady looking request decline has any hint of discrimination and if the guest complained airbnb might look into it and pause your listing (but you said it’s showing up?). If Airbnb employees do have any power to retaliate against a host it would be a closely guarded secret. But there have been multiple reports here over the years of hosts having an issue then bookings dropping.

Me neither… lots of direct bookings, but utter silence on the Airbnb front.

Also me neither, dead quite on air and TA for Sept/Oct, but with a massive increase in listings over the last 18 months I’m not surprised.

I’m booked till the end of August, but this is my first year of operation here, so can’t compare to see if this is typical for this time of year.

I have a similar issue. Lots of views, no bookings, and now a -* on my page from Air (this just happened the other day) on “Needs improvement.”

I’ve let several requests and inquires die (didn’t decline, just let them slide) because during the messaging it was clear they weren’t a fit. One was a gal who wanted to bring her “service” animal (I don’t take pets) that was crate trained (hello flags) and when I asked if it was a legitimate service dog, she went away. Another was someone who wanted to use my dock (not usable and I referred him to a local marina down the street for the boat - they decided to sleep on the boat and had a blast in the area). Another was a guy who wanted to book long term stay off-platform (no) and when I asked about his needs and a LTR contract, he disappeared, and I had to decline someone because I blocked dates for repairs/upgrades and they didn’t stay blocked.

So now I’m just OK in rankings, but not seeing any bookings. :frowning:

I was dinged for discrimination for advertising males only. It’s really the price that is driving my business now. But there is a lot more competition in the cheap segment. And they all want to cook. So it has become rather tedious.