No longer have access to detailed "completed transation" info

I’m using my phone and under completed transactions, I can no longer access detailed guest info. is this only a limit of the phone app or has AIR blocked the info?

Completed transaction as in completed reservations? If reservations, yes, they take that away. On a computer, you can export your transaction history and get the full names and phone numbers as a .csv file.

Have no idea about the phone app.

EDITED to ADD: If I look at my Reservation History and then go to PRINT Confirmation, I see the phone number there as well.

thanks – I can access the info on my computer but not on my phone. That’s a great idea to continually export transaction history so we have data on all our former guests. Is it easy to export the reservation history as a .csv file? (I’ve never heard of this!)

Wildly easy:

Dashboard --> Account --> Transaction History --> select date range --> Export to >CSV [upper right corner] or you can select the SUMMARY report.

I prefer the .csv. I throw it into a database I write to give me the reports that I want. Plus, I have a record of my previous guests, their phone number, and the rate that they paid. [I thought that might be useful for possible future returnees, but haven’t had any yet.]