No "introductory" message from potential guests

The last three booking requests I’ve received have come with zero message from the guest. Each one I’ve had to ask the purpose for their trip, etc.

I have never gotten a blank request message in the four years I’ve been doing this. Ever! A few with four- or five-word sentences, but never a blank. Is this a new thing for anyone else?

No, I’ve always received a message from the guest.

Yes, I had the first one like this last week. I’m renting in Budapest.

I just got a blank too – I figured they were sending multiiple inquiries and couldn’t be bothered, but on a whim I approved and they booked. They seem completely normal now that I have a bit more info, pic, etc.

I’ve always received blank or one word (tourism) messages from guests.

Today was my first blank booking, but within moments she sent a long message about why they were visiting, and to confirm that I was as close to her son’s home as she thought. It seems possible that the prompts have been changed.

I had just the same two nights ago. I replied in the morning and haven’t heard back but the booking isn’t until Christmas.

As usual, a logical explanation.

I’ve never received a blank request either - until an hour ago.

Not sure what to do, so will wait until the morning to see if he sends a message.

It’s so odd…

Yes! I just had an instant book. Totally blank message but a lot of open space. Maybe it accidentally changed to white ink on white background. Or some other glitch.
Great guest with outstanding reviews including her excellent communication.
So wierd.

Same here. Totally blank inquiry. Says member since 2016 – so why didn’t he pass my filter of good rating to IB? Feeling a little cautious here, for sure.

I find new guests tend to enquire or book with no or little message (I’m on IB).

I’m also wondering if the prompts have changed. First, it was as if the inquiry auto-booked the instant I hit “approve,” with no further action from the guest. THEN the guest sent a purpose-of-the-trip message. Puts it on the host to start the convo. Although I guess you could subsequently justify cancelling if you got a cheery note “Hi! I’m an ax murderer coming to wreak havoc in your city. Looking forward to staying with you!”

Very similar to my experience, it’s only in the last 3-4 weeks that I’m getting ones without any message at all. Although in my case there are Instant Bookings, not just requests.

I wonder if Airbnb used to have message-filling mandatory in the past and have now made it optional, at least in the case of IBs.

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I’ve never had instant book and still had the blank request…hmmm…

I don’t use instant book and got my first reservation request today with no message. I sent him a quick note but haven’t heard back yet. Weird.

I did send a response this morning and haven’t heard anything back yet either…maybe Airbnb is testing us…wonder if ti’s the same guy?

Maybe it’s a glitch where their messages aren’t coming through with the reservations? I got two reservations this morning for the coming week , both IB, both had messages.

Eerie! This has happened twice to me in the last few days. This woman replied only after 4 messages requested she tell me something about her arrival time. And later on she said she’d written to me the very first day she booked - bluff!! :exploding_head:

I haven’t heard back and so declined and sent a message explaining that I require 3 things from each guest (some sort of information about them/their stay, and that they’ve read the entire listing and house rules). Told him I’d reconsider if I hear back from him. Done and dusted.

So I just heard back from the guy, he apologized (first time user) and gave me lots of info, will likely accept his request once he’s confirmed having read the listing and house rules. Good, I was starting to wonder…


My guess is they are trying to make non-instant book as IB- like as possible? No required initial guest message and an option to auto-finalize the booking if the host approves? Other conspiracy theories anyone?

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