No guest can book my listing or others around me

About 1:30 we had a man trying to book our private room but couldn’t. Air said there was a technical issue they couldn’t and tell us what it was. Last night they told us the server was out and it was affecting a lot of listings. I checked a website which gives data about complaints on Air and it showed a spike at 1:30 - 7:30 of 500 complaints. I was wondering if any seasoned hosts have come across this type of thing. if so, how long does it typically last? They told me a day ago it would be done in an hour or two. I have a lot of inquiries but they cannot book. Very frustrated guests (and mee too!)
I live in Calif around Sacramento.

Last night the host and guest side of the app wasn’t working for me for about 30 mins. Just kept getting error messages. First time in my 2 months of hosting that I’ve had an issue.

What city/country are you in? I know they are working on it but this is problematic. I am starting to block off my calendar for the dates the guests want and telling them when Air fixes it I will proceed with the booking process. I don’t know what more I can do. It is stressful for the guest and they are losing so many new people…they will find a hotel if they cannot book-- i’m sure.

I am in England…

Unfortunately this will always happen with websites and I’m sure that Airbnb want to get it fixed even more than we do :slight_smile:

What website is that?

the site is

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Amusingly, this site is throwing errors for me right now:

Error 503 backend read error

backend read error

Guru Mediation:

Details: cache-sin6926-SIN 1468788173 2969979971

Varnish cache server