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No bookings suddenly


Well I have to say that although I do accept almost everybody, local people, and older people, can be a headache.

The former are usually homeless people whose stay has been paid for by a friend, or by some other strange appearance of funds, and it can be psychologically challenging having to listen to stories by a guest who is actually a local, and whom you might bump into any time later, after he moved out.

Also, older people can sometimes have very high expectations, which my apartment simply isn’t up to.

So, yes, I do accept local people, and older people, but with a strong sense of apprehension.


Do you know why that is?


Can you pm me as well please. Thank you :smiley:


You have a point. I was not logged in. However I found my listing in the last pages after I zoomed in, and I got the SH badge aside the price but no IB sign.

My IB was for guests recommended by other hosts. I turned that off and let everyone book just to give it a try and just got a new inquiry a few minutes ago.

Go figure…


Can you pm me this link as well? Thanks!


Yes, if you’re not signed in you are not known to the platform; therefore you are not verified or recommended.


What service do you use to update your listing daily?


well…that must be my brain :slight_smile:


can you send it to me as well please?


I would also be very grateful to receive a copy plz,thanx you! :cherry_blossom:


Could you please send to me also? Thank you so much!


@chanokita @bfree @Ping

Members here can post links unless they are self-promotional so here it is :slight_smile:


My bookings were also dead for a few months during low season. Right before Spring, I replaced all of my photos (originally uploaded back in 2014) with new ones and my views jumped to over 25 (from 0 to 1) on the same day. I think the combination of no views and no bookings just tanks your list order but new pics (around 15 of them) definitely re-booted my listing, at least for a short time.


hi! yes, am reading old posts…lol! trying to learn from experienced hosts. you wrote an article that i would love to read. i am trying different things to get more bookings including dynamic pricing, but I’m clearly missing something. would you please send me a link to your article? thanks in advance!


Likely people were too depressed at the outcome, looking at repatriating…



My bad guest from last week has been on Airbnb since 2016 with no reviews before mine. Shame on those previous hosts who didn’t review her!! Anyway, after that guest I changed our listing to only accept guests with previous good reviews. I know I’m blocking out potential guests who are new to the platform that way and rethinking it. With 52 previous guests we’ve only had 1 rotten egg so maybe I overreacted. But I know many hosts on this forum deliberately screen the bad eggs out this way so thought I’d try it too.


My guess is yes but you can always go change it again. You can change it every day if you wish! LOL.

Many hosts on this forum believe they are able to screen out the bad eggs this way. They have no evidence only their feelings. Which is fine, we all have to do what we feel comfortable with. But I’m very keen on reminding people that anecdotes are not the same as data. And people love to feel like they are in control. Hence people who are afraid of flying generally aren’t afraid of driving even though driving is much more dangerous. (I’m speaking very generally and colloquially. No one with actual medically diagnosed anxiety or phobias needs to point out the difference to me, thanks)

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