Nightly rate changed by Airbnb

Hi all

I just wanted to make mention of a recent problem I had with my nightly price. One of my listings is a luxury tent and the nightly price is $125. I do not use smart pricing with this listing and never have, however I do use instant book.

A couple of days ago an instant booking came in for a 2 night stay with a nightly price of $91. I was confused and after some investigation I found that the nightly price for the whole month of February ranged from $85 to $99, but not $125. It was as if smart pricing had been turned on but it wasn’t. I immediately called Airbnb asking for an explanation. Unfortunately they are yet to provide an explanation, however they did reimburse me the $68 (the difference between my nightly rate and what was actually charged) and they did this very quickly, for which I was grateful.

However I am concerned and have asked for further investigation. Will this happen again, I have 4 listings; do I need to keep checking all 4 listings for this anomaly?

Anyway I just wanted to share my experience and ask if anyone else has had a similar experience.

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Honestly you need to check Airbnb regularly for all kinds of things. Some people for example have reported blocking nights and then they magically became unblocked. There are others who have reported problems with prices but I’m not sure if it was the same kind of problem.


@Jo_Heldon_Newgrosh interestingly odd…the fact that you were paid for the difference indicates that Airbnb recognized it as a problem.


And quickly means it wasn’t the first time.


I had a similar experience of being compensated very quickly. Some guests arrived with the app already up on her phone showing “entire place…” etc, although I had already clarified on the platform with them post booking that they understood we’re a B&B. They left ten minutes later and I’m still perplexed as to why they wasted time coming. Anyway, Airbnb paid for their aborted stay, and probably refunded them too.