Nightly prices suddenly much lower

Apologies if this has already been discussed.

On checking my calendar this morning, I noticed that all remaining available nights in September were showing prices 40% lower than my base and weekend rates. October onwards seem fine. Checking by posing as a potential guest, the total for a reservation was indeed 40% lower than anticipated.

I’ve manually changed all the dates affected and luckily nobody had booked at the lower rates.

I have not changed my price settings or selected smart pricing.

Is anyone able to shed some light on this please? Thanks.

We have definitely heard this complaint before.

Double check all your settings and make sure you have a base rate set properly. It seems that usually when people come to complain about this happening it turns out that it was user error and then they slink away, embarrassed. I’m not saying that is the case here, just urging you to double check.

If everything is squared away then call Airbnb or email them (that’s what I would do) and see if they have any insight. There are things that happen such as blocked days becoming unblocked and prices changing to something the hosts didn’t want. It really pays to check your listing regularly as you did.

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Thank you K9KarmaCasa.

The only price settings I can see to amend are ‘smart pricing’ and ‘base price’. I have not changed these for a year or so. Smart pricing is off and base price is still the same as initially set.

Are there any other price settings I should be checking? If not, then I can see myself checking my listing daily.

Unless you accidentally clicked on price tips or some kind of discount special at some point. Those sometimes pop up on the right side of the screen when you are looking at the calendar. I’d contact Airbnb for help.

OK and thank you. Will try Airbnb.

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Were you able to reach them and if so, what did they say?

Thanks for asking. I’m steeling myself before I try as I’ve had a litany of problems over the past couple of months and I don’t know if I can face going round in circles again for the case to be closed with no resolution…

I’m monitoring my calendar daily and if the problem occurs again, I’ll take screen shots before contacting Airbnb by email.

I will update you if anything happens. Thanks for you help.

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Airbnb recently introduced short notice pricing which can be set to X days/weeks in advance. Maybe that has been set somehow?

I get the feeling that Airbnb changes settings (intentionally or not) without taking permission as I’ve seen my settings change.