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Newspaper delivery?


Are there any other hosts who get the newspaper delivered to their home? I get the Sunday newspaper delivered and it’s like people think this is a Hyatt where the USA Today just shows up in front of your door. Why do people keep purloining my newspaper?

I suppose the bigger question is why do I still get the Sunday newspaper, but whatever.


No, I don’t get it delivered anymore. I still miss the crossword though!


Just remind people when you show them around in a jokey way that you look forward to reading your Sunday paper so would appreciate guests not taking it before you have a chance to read it, as this has happened previously.


Even better remind them that you enjoy reading your Sunday newspaper early in the morning on the toot (toilet) but happy for them to read it when you are finished. :japanese_goblin:


That’s what I repeatedly say to Mr Joan. He NEVER folds it back together properly and it’s too annoying (newspaper OCD…) so I now download it!


Swap him for a butler who irons said newspaper?


I’m surprised guests take your paper. I subscribe to Seattle Met, a nice local magazine with restaurant reviews and articles on the history of iconic attractions like Pike Place Market, and guests never touch it.


@Joan …(sigh) Malagachico is the same. In my book (or newspaper) this is grounds for divorce, or preferably murder, but I’ve probably left it too late after 40 years :unamused:

btw, we are not far from Fuengirola and we’re back in Malaga at the beginning of October. Will send you a pm!


and that’s the name of your sex tape


That is good news indeed! Looking forward.

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