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Newly Proposed Short Term Rental Law in Town of Clinton (Dutchess County, NY)


I am a resident of the Town of Clinton, in Dutchess County, NY.

Our Town Board has recently proposed a local law that would severely limit the rights of property owners in the town to use platforms such as AirBnB to rent their property.

I am organizing opposition to the passage of this proposed law.

There is a Public Hearing scheduled at the Town Hall on Tuesday March 10 at 6:15pm. If you operate a Short Term Rental in the Town, please attend if you can.

If you are a resident of the town, please also submit a letter to the Town Clerk stating your opposition to the proposal. Letters can be emailed to the Clerk at TownClerk at TownOfClinton dot com.

I have prepared a flyer and a form letter opposing passage of the law. I can also provide a link to the full text of the proposed law upon request. This forum will not allow me to post the links publicly, but please do contact me through this forum for more information.

Please pass the above information and materials on to your friends, neighbors, and other hosts in the Town.

Thank you for your help in getting the word out about this legislation.

Not sure what good posting this here will do. We are an international host form. I doubt anyone else here is from your village of 2000 people.

I highly doubt it as well, but I figured it couldn’t hurt to try. AirBnB has been entirely unhelpful and uninterested in helping to get the word out to local hosts. This forum was actually a suggestion from one of their support staff.

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You’re correct, it doesn’t hurt to try. We have hundreds of people who lurk here every day. No one that we know of from Clinton but that doesn’t mean there isn’t anyone or perhaps someone knows someone.

@MrMagoo I would create a local Facebook “Clinton NY AirBnB Hosts” page, then publicize it on other community Facebook pages.

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