Newbie question- cancelling a booking for a space that’s not child friendly

Hey there!
I know this is a newbie question, but we have a 2nd AirBnB that’s still newish and not child friendly. It has an upstairs loft bedroom with a low wall (my kid would climb it in a heartbeat) and isn’t child proofed at all.

But I just got an instant booking despite our “no children” settings + rule- and the person said they’re bringing their daughter in the message… a quick social media search and looks like she’s in 3rd grade. I’ve messaged the booking guest to ask how old she is, but no response. How long should I wait for her to message back and how best to proceed with cancelling if the daughter is indeed a child?? It’s for a date within 2 weeks so trying to get this sorted ASAP

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Is the child showing in the booking details?

Booking is just for 2 adults

Then that is how they booked…. They didn’t mention the child, usually assuming that a child is free, like a hotel.
If they included the child it would have come through as a request to book.
It is now your pick.
Either call Airbnb and ask to cancel the booking due to the child.
Or, update the booking, including the child with a fee.
Third option is to contact the guest and tell them that the listing is unsuitable for children and ask them to cancel within 48 hours to get an entire refund.


Dear guest, I just want to confirm that there will only be two people coming to the cabin on X date. I was a bit confused as you booked for two adults and mentioned your child.

If you do not get a response in the next day or two CALL the guest, like on the phone… Your concerns are already on the app. Some people do not look at the app until it’s time to start the trip.

Honestly a 3rd grader is not a toddler and should be fine. One of my listings is listed as not suitable for under 12 but as long as only 2 people come it would not bother me. Booger smearing toddlers are the ones I avoid.


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Message them via the app ASAP and quote @RiverRock’s message. Then text them and call them off-app mentioning your concerns about the child and your HR and listing rules.

If you don’t get a response within say 4 hours, call Air and have them cancel due to the child. I don’t want children here, either. First because it’s a shared home, second because of the pool and canal and the room is small, only set up for max 2 people.

Good luck.


I’d call. A third grader should be fine especially if she has no other children there to horse around with. If you do speak with the parent and decide either way, I would repeat your your conversation in a message through the Airbnb thread for the record.


Thanks all! The guest finally messaged back that only her eldest daughter is coming with her, a teen, so shouldn’t be a concern. Appreciate your input :slight_smile:


Glad you got it sorted out. :slight_smile:

For the benefit of non-USA people like me, how old is someone in third grade?

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Around 8. There’s even a difference in terms used in the US and Canada. Americans say 3rd Grade, Canadians say Grade 3.

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First graders start at 5 or 6, depending on whether their birth date is before or after the local schools cutoff date. In my case, it was Nov 30, and I have a December birthday, so my pals went off to school, with only one other boy my age to play with.

So in most of the US, 1st grade is 5 or 6, with graduation from Grade 12 at 17 or 18. In most of the US, 18 is the youngest age at which a person can sign legally binding contracts and can vote.

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Two of my daughters have November birthdays, so were always some of the youngest kids in their class. The other daughter has a January birthday, so was always one of the oldest.