Newbee wanna be Renter

I would like to rent out a space in my home but after reading reviews it seems like it is a stressful thing to do. I have read a few that had good guests but most were not. Should I give it a try or let no one in my space!

Where are you reading? I just completed my 120th visit and so far, no bad guests. Would you really decide to rent or not rent your space based on random internet responses?

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Exactly. Give it a try. Take a few guests and if you don’t instantly get addicted to the money, give us a call back. :rofl::rofl::rofl:



As they say, nothing ventured, nothing gained!

First things first…you’ll wanna be the Host…not the renter, on this forum.

On this forum, set up to share and help Hosts with issues/problems/dilemmas, we do talk far more about the stresses involved, and at times have a good rant to let off steam. Given its nature, we don’t often talk about the good times we have, because we’re too busy enjoying them or cleaning! I have met some splendid people as a host, many who are pleasant and interesting, and only a very, very few splendidly awful people. And I think I’m learning swiftly how to filter them out.

Good luck, go for it and welcome to the forum.


We’ve had about 200 reservations so far and no major problems. We’ve met some really interesting and nice folks from all over the world. Rarely, we have had a “difficult” guest but we can count those on one hand. It can be stressful sometimes and you’ll sacrifice some privacy and time.Plus, you can earn some good cash. It’s not for everyone but we enjoy it!