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New zoning laws? My district black balled from,operating Airbnb


Zoning laws, just received notice to stop operating, someone please advise.
Mary Alice


Sounds like you have to stop doing short term rentals then. Can you rent at all - do you have the option of longer term? If so, you could set your minimum at 30 days and/or list on traveling nurses sites. They usually have 13 week contracts.

Maybe you can appeal? Where are you located?

Sorry this is happening to you!


Notice was from?
Have you looked at the ordinances in your area?
Did someone complain?
Do you own / live on premises?


Call your city or county planning commission office and ask they send you the zoning regulations for rental units.


Sorry, but unless you provide a bit more information (location etc) I don’t think anyone here can really offer any practical advice. Even then, it sounds like this is something you need to deal with on a local level.



We don’t know where you are. Even if we did, we can’t help. YOU need to contact whoever sent this Stop Notice to find out what’s going on. Then you need to stop renting until the situation is resolved.

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