New way of displaying insights

Some interesting data being shown but I’m missing the old way of showing earnings. I want to see the earnings for the current month (ie October) not the last 30
days as I often block off days once I have reached a certain monthly amount. Does anyone know if that is still available somewhere?

I’m still getting the yearly at  

Of course – if you are in the USA – substitute .com for .ca

You can still see your earnings by month on a desktop computer. Or if you use your browser on your phone instead of the Airbnb app. Does that make sense?

I often read hosts bemoaning that something isn’t working on the app, that they don’t know what to do, because they need to be able to communicate with guests or do something while they are out, so need to be able to do it on their phone. They don’t seem to realize they can access the desktop version on their phone, they don’t need to use the app.

It does appear a bit differently on a phone and isn’t as easy to navigate as on a computer, but it does work if the app is giving you problems.

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Okay thanks. Will try that!