New VRBO/HomeAway Service are others redirecting to AirBNB

I have a full home that I rent on AirBNB and VRBO/HomeAway. VRBO recently added a crazy traveler service fee. I’d like to determine if others are redirecting VRBO/HomeAway requests to AirBNB and how you are doing it?


I’m not redirecting them to ABB. But since I signed up in late Feb due to the VRBO fee, I’ve had two inquiries! That’s two more than I’ve had with VRBO in the same time frame!

I direct them to a house website, then from there they have a link to air.

VRBO/HA now does not provide the guest our phone number to contact you with questions prior to booking. In some cases I want to know who is booking my home as in my area we have had major problems with locals renting a causing damage. If I accept the booking and then cancel, it effects my ranking. I am NOT happy with VRBO/HA and feel they have gotten very greedy. I am currently looking for other alternatives based on all the fees they are charging guest and owners.