New users with blank profiles

This is more me just venting my frustration, but I’m also curious what other hosts experiences have been.

The VAST majority of reservation requests I receive are from brand new guests who might have a profile picture but otherwise their profile is completely blank. When you register with Airbnb as a guest, don’t they encourage you to fill out a profile with personal information. Twice now I have received requests from people who are obviously not from the city where I live, but it is listed as where they’re from on their profile. Has anyone else seen this??

Personally I think it’s very lazy and inconsiderate of the guest, not to mention misleading in the case of people putting their home city as the one they plan to visit. I think Airbnb should make some minimal profile information mandatory. I was very disappointed to learn that they only profile requirement to be able to book instantly is a profile photo.

Yes, prepare for it to be never ending. I enjoy scolding such people for not reading my listing entirely. If they apologize and are receptive to learning - that’s a good sign. If they are rude, I just laugh rudely back. Either way they’ve learned something from the interaction. If you’re just tired and don’t need their booking, just write “Not possible” and decline.