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New users wanting to negotiate


Enquiry this morning, my group is in town for fruit picking, I want to rent your house and then resent to other pickers -I will pay you 25% of your weekly rate…ahhh. NO!


Haha ah no? Blueberry season has arrived.


It has and I have seen other picker Accommodation that has not been respected. My house is too nice to be treated like that.


I got this today and I wonder if they even wrote to the right listing!! She didn’t read a single word of it, to ask all these questions. Bizarre.

Hi, do I understand correctly, that there is one doublebed and a gestbed in the apartment ? is there a grocerystore in Walking distance? could I rent a car to drive to your place and drop it off in your area or how much would a taxi cost from the Airport to your place or should I rent a car for the whole time? with best regards, M


RULE 1 - Guests do not read!
RULE 2 - see rule 1


Now the fruit pickers are trying to BARGAIN with me… and as English is not their first language, I am trying to keep the language simple.
Just got back - what does “no” mean.


Now they are doing the - “I will think about it”
My response “ ok - you think about it”
They come back with “ can we talk to you”
Me “ my price is my price - what do you want to talk about”


Annoying. Should not have bargained. Sometimes it is just insulting.

I recently put my older gas range up on a Facebook group for $350 and a guy wrote with a bunch of questions, and then asked if he could make an offer. I said sure. He offered 150! :joy: I said thanks anyway. And he came back with 175. :rofl::weary:I didn’t even answer! I later sold the stove for full asking.


Full price for my place is $2100 for 7 guests, their offer is $770 and want to deal off the books. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
I don’t want blueberry pickers as they will overcrowd the house, trash the kitchen and abuse the internet. And they have been given notice where they are currently staying :grinning:


You need some nuts to go with the berries. They are deluded.


I understand that some cultures must bargain, and they are having difficulty understanding that I won’t.
This has been going on for 3 hours…
They keep offering $770 and my single word answer is NO.
It has gone beyond frustrating, and into hilarious.


They need to understand your culture. No haggling. It would be nice if guests came to think Airbnb is not the place to haggle. Can you decline them without penalty?


I think so - very tempted to report them for asking to rent off books, that will screw with their Airbnb experience.


Yes that’s a great idea. It will put them off. Can you redirect them to a camp site?


I would be terribly tempted to reply as follows:

‘I do not rent my accommodation to people who use such erroneous capitalisations’.



And raspberry too, apparently.


Perhaps you can find the ‘block them’ button. If not, just report them.


My prices are dollar store, so discount hunters are rare.

But the season is upon us and so are the narcissists.

Dude today wanted a ‘student discount’ and when i withdrew my special offer immediately he let go with exceptionally rude personal commentary.

Imagine four months of that.

Another bullet dodged.


The block button has sadly disappeared. Once again pushing hosts to the hotel model where we take all comers!


I would just decline them and be done with them. Stop letting them waste your time.

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