New updates on the App/Site

Anybody worked out a way to see what the views are on the new update?
I see a percentage on the first page, but no actual numbers.
The view count to me was the only useful tool and this update has taken it away…I wish that they wouldn’t break what isn’t broken!

Scene I imagine at the Airbnb tech dept.:

“Jessica, what have you been doing all day so intently?”

“I’m trying to fix this views glitch all the hosts have been bitching about.”

“Look, Jessica, get with the program. We don’t “fix” glitches. We “experiment” with new formats and sometimes the things important to hosts are just collateral damage. Now get over here and join the rest of us in redesigning the hosting dashboard in the most convoluted way possible so hosts will have to intuit how the minds of our mostly Asperberger’s tech staff work.”


IMHO companies like Air should require that their programmers also be customers, in this case, that would be Air hosts. If the programmers and support staff were all hosts, we might actually get a system that works and CS folks that actually understand what hosts are dealing with.


They are following what looks familiar as an HA/VRBO format. Just saw it too tonight. Oh yay … Lol