New type of listing category added in search: hotel

Airbnb has added a category to search: now you can filter for hotels. Yet more evidence of Airbnb moving to a hotel model. They can’t add a category that accurately describes my listing but they can add this.


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And hotels don’t like missing out on business, if you can’t beat them - join them! For a hotel it is just another booking platform and much much cheaper at 3% fees.


Does this mean a host can set up a single listing for a hotel and have different rooms available for booking with different prices without multiple listings? That seemed to me to be the difference between them and say BDC.

What worries me more is they’ll offer hotels a “premium service” so guests get shown them first and automatically undercut any competition.


On the surface it sounds like that would qualify as a boutique hotel! I’m glad you mentioned it.

One of our local boutique hotels lists their rooms on AirBnB, but those rooms are $300+.

Are guests able to book them separately on a single listing?

I actually saw a motel listing this way near the US Military Academy. I own a rental house around the corner so was doing some research. I can’t remember if they had more than one listing or not but I I think they had one type of listing and offered an upgrade to a bigger room if they paid at the office (it potentially if they googled the motel and called to do it ahead of time). Seemed like a great way to advertise and to avoid paying the extra fees.

Great. People who are “better suited for a Hotel” are the worst. :stuck_out_tongue: