New to the game! Hello Everyone!

Just wanted to introduce myself as a new Airbnb Host. Hoping to connect with some of you and seek advice about hosting do’s and don’ts before it gets to the point of pulling my hair out. lol

Hi @Adoty

I would say my top 10

  1. Make sure you understand the implications of cancelling as a host. Never cancel for a guest
  2. I would advise turning off Instant Book until you are familiar with Airbnb
  3. Keep a note of Airbnb’s phone number and twitter handle. Use Airbnb’s Help Centre and Community forums.
  4. Base your prices on comparable local properties - don’t use their ‘smart price’ system
  5. Have comprehensive house rules
  6. Don’t rely on their so-called guaranteed/deposit. Have your own home insurance for short term lets
  7. Ask guests about why they chose your place and plans for their stay
  8. If you have a whole place listing have CCTV
  9. Have someone check guests in and out
  10. Don’t accept third party bookings, guests trying to pay in cash, or who say there is a problem with their card

Hi Adoty,

Off the top of my head:

Don’t give in to requests to lower your price or give special deals. Almost invariably these guests complain more and review more harshly. (It’s almost as if they respect you less if you give in to their requests.)

Do take pictures of any damage or concerns immediately after a guest leaves, so you’ll have proof to provide Air if a case is opened.

Do read through this forum - there’s a treasure trove of information on everything from decorating to pricing and marketing strategies as well as some hilarious anecdotes.

Good luck!


Thanks for the great advice!

I appreciate the advice! Thanks!

Welcome! You are clearly an above average host because you’ve already found this forum. Most people land here after having a problem.

I agree with the advice offered already. I will add this: four of the most powerful words in the English language are “how can I help?” You can learn a lot, diffuse tense situations, win friends and influence enemies. Don’t let people take advantage but don’t have an adversarial relationship with your guests either.


Welcome from me too! Do you know what one of the most valuable things is that a new host can do? Spend a day or more reading as many posts here in the forum as you can. There’s a wealth of knowledge written here by very experienced hosts.

We don’t always agree because we all have different hosting styles but this forum will give you a Masters Degree in hosting :slight_smile:


Will you just go away - YOU ARE A TROLL!