New to hosting. Please critique my ad

Hello everyone. I’ve been reading these forums on and off for a few weeks and finally listed my place on airbnb. I was hoping to get some critique from you guys regarding my ad. Lay it on me.

Thanks in advance

You need some artwork on the walls. It will add color and liven up the white walls. I get alot of my art work at thrift stores and just clean them up or reframe!

I don’t know the USD to CAD exchange rate, but your cleaning seems really cheap.

Lastly, I would not list that you’re 10 min drive away. I would mention that you’re only a few blocks away…trying to keep the renters honest for you. As a PM for one home, I say (truth) that I’m two blocks away, so I hope my proximity deters some unscrupulous renters.


thanks for the tips!

Yeah – art on the walls, and especially that long hallway. White is IMHO too sterile for a real living space; it’s fine when you’re trying to sell the house.

You need to get some summer photos in there of the outside!

I think you are being “too nice” in your wording of house rules – not charging for extra guests, asking rather than telling guests the house rules, etc. People just aren’t going to read long descriptions – better o use a bullet list.


Hi Ken,

regarding the wordiness of the rules. Do you think it would deter people? or would they just gloss over it and not read it?

my co-host feels strongly about the wording of the rules, and it’s also my opinion that it should be short and blunt.

My place is newly acquired and I simply do not have any summer photos yet.

thanks for the input!

The listing looks good. Love that you have a floor plan. Gives a great visual for the guests with the layout. I would like to add that into my property pics too.
You did not ask about this but I would take instant book off. I had my property set up for Instant Book and changed it after the first reservation came in.
Only my preference.
I have since removed IB. I prefer to be able to get a feel of who is staying first. My next group is going to be 10 guests ranging in age from 23 to 27 so being able to “interview” them first helped me decide they would be a good fit.

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I think your listing looks nice and inviting. I disagree with other posters about the lack of art on the walls. I think you have enough various colors, shapes and textures to keep it visually interesting.

I’m sorry, but I find the wording of your house rules cloying.

You mention that much of your basement is “a work in progress”. If there is any danger of injury, I would make the entire basement off limits and lock it. If you permit guests access to the basement to do laundry they will explore regardless of being asked not to.

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no need to be sorry. thanks for your input!

I agree that your house rules are way too wordy.

I read the first house rule, and had to read it several times to understand what you were trying to say. I also read some random ones and they just come off as naggy/weird.

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I’m one of the ones that agree that your place doesn’t live up to it’s title of cosy. I would suggest seeing if you can get some co-ordinated furniture for your living room, have some nice co-ordinated bright cushions and throws for the sofa, photos and pictures of your local area, the dining room dressed for eating, and some nice breakfast items in your kitchen.

And maybe invest in some plain bedding with a quilt to show off the bedrooms
Have the first picture one of the living room (once it has had a bit of a makeover.)

In terms of your guest rules they are too long and not direct enough. Outline in simple terms the behaviour you expect from guests. Decide the minimum number you have in your home before you charge for extra guests.

Make it clear that extra guests will be charged for, and that bringing in extra guests who haven’t been booked and paid for can result in cancellation of their booking.

Take a deposit .

I would make sure you block off the area under development so guests can’t wander into it.

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I’ve made some updates to the rules, which is a common remark I am seeing here. Really appreciate you guys taking a look at it. Could you possibly give it a second glance?

another takeaway for me is to cozy up the living room.

Also, my cleaning fees and deposit are all pretty low. I’m new and I’ll re-evaluate as I get more bookings and reviews. Unless you guys think that’s unwise?

Thanks for all the input so far!

Here are some comments on your rules:

  1. To keep the floor squeaky clean for you and other guests, we have a no shoes policy in our home. Slippers are provided for additional comfort.
    I think we all know that no shoes inside policies are to make it easier on the hosts, not the guests. I would just say no shoes inside; not, “To keep the floor squeaky clean for you and other guests, we have a no shoes policy in our home.”

  2. What you do in your personal time is entirely up to you, but when staying at our place we have a strict no drug use policy. This is just the law… not so much one of our rules.
    Instead of saying, “We have a strict no drug use policy.”, I would say, We have a strict no illegal drug use policy. People who don’t speak English as their first language might misunderstand and believe that they weren’t permitted to take their medication.

  3. In the event that you are expecting more guests to stay at our place, we ask that you let us know so that we can accommodate accordingly to ensure everyone has a comfortable stay.
    I would remove, “So that we can accommodate accordingly to ensure everyone has a comfortable stay.” If a guest didn’t believe that you needed to do anything to accommodate extra guests, this wording would lead them to believe that they didn’t need to tell you about them.

  4. Our basement is partially finished. For your own safety, please use only the designated washer/dryer area.
    If any portion of the basement is unsafe, you should not only forbid guests to go in to the basement, you should lock it.

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I’ve adapted the rules again based on your suggestions.

truthfully, the basement is not dangerous so I’ve decided to remove the entire rule altogether. I also do not want to install a door to block off the basement at this point.

I feel like the posting is really cleaned up. I’ve removed the word cozy. You guys are right, it isn’t cozy by definition, I shouldn’t be using that word.

I’m going to decorate the living room and update the picture asap =)

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Please change this and just say the type of stores eg 24 convenience store; pharmacy etc as the brands don’t translate and this sounds like an illicit drug shop where I’m from!