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New to AirBnB/We Have a Beautiful Home on a Lake/How Do We Gauge Market Potential During Off Peak Season (Winter)?


For off season, you have to be ready for business to die. I’m in Kona Hawaii. From June through now, it’s almost totally dead. I just have to plan for it. It’s the same pattern that we’ve had for a number of years.

So… I make hay while the sun shines!

In my opinion, which is worth absolutely nothing, there are 2 kinds of places that book well during off season:

  1. The cheapest places listed, priced under value and with no profit, because owners don’t know any better and don’t understand that sometimes renting can also mean losing money, and/or
  2. The places with stellar longtime 5 star reviews, priced appropriately, so visitors have a sense of confidence that they are reserving a house/condo/chalet/cabin that will meet needs and expectations.

It’s also depending about the location

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As Sylvain said, it’s about location and what the local “season” is. On Kona, winter is dead. Here in Florida, winter is our High Season. If that cabin is as far North as it appears, your only winter guests may be ice fishermen, snowmobilers, and other deep-white-cold aficionados. If you’re in Aspen or Park City or Snowbird that’s High season. If you’re in Podunk, Maine or Nowhere, Minnesota it may be completely dead.

Gauge the seasonal market by asking around your neighbors, the local General Store or Mom&Pop, the local diner, and other service businesses.

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It never has to be off season, depending on your marketing strategy.

There are always guests that visit the area (just a lot less), you only have to make sure they do not go to the competition.

Just think of what makes your place attracitve in the winter, and try to capture that in the listing title and main picture.
You will see the guest will keep coming.

No no!! Ken it is the opposite! Winter is the high season in Kona. Summer is dead!

I am booked back to back from December through April here.

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