New to Airbnb- hosting camper

Hi everyone! I just listed my small camper trailer on my hobby farm on airbnb and we weren’t really sure what to expect, but we’ve had lots of bookings so far!

I have two listings, one for my fully furnished camper and one for people to bring their own RV/camper or a tent. So far people seem really excited about the opportunity to stay on our farm and meet all the animals. I clearly list in my posting that this IS a farm and there are lots of noises and animals including my dogs that they will encounter. But I’m still afraid of the guests that will arrive and be shocked that they’re on a farm (my listing is called farm house camper). I hope people will find my listing to be accurate and people will enjoy it. I had one guest so far that just stayed one night and loved it- he brought his own camping gear. I have my first guests for the camper/trailer coming up and they’re staying for 4 nights!

I’m getting those ‘first day of school’ nerves! Wish me luck!


Wishes for luck on their way! It would be good to see your listing if you care to put it up for us.

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Good luck, sounds delightful. Love to see the animals.

Here is my listing:

It’s just a very simple set up and we’re hoping to get guests that enjoy the rustic, simple atmosphere.


A great idea! Glamping is very popular in the UK with a number of land owners setting up tipis, yurts, wooden shepherds’ huts or vintage caravans for the outdoor holiday maker.

Best of luck with it :slight_smile:

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Thanks! I would love to set up some vintage trailers! I’ve been looking for some to rehab :slight_smile:

I like it @camp_host, you should do well, tiny tiny criticism, you don’t mention chemical toilet disposal point, fresh water tap or rubbish/recycling point. I would want to know if these are available.


Good point! I have that info in the guide that I send to guests prior to their arrival but I’m sure it would help having that right on my listing, thanks!!

Great to Hear!! Our listing - to -be is a much larger, much older vintage trailer in a permanent setting with a spectacular view, possibly finally going live in 4 weeks. Good Luck!


That sounds awesome! ! I’ve almost got March completely booked at this point! Good luck with your listing!

It looks like a great listing and that it is accurate for what it is. Each place is unique. You are capitalizing on some unique amenities.

I can see many people wanting a campfire- I didn’t read it close enough to know if you allow that. Also, providing wood can get expensive. But may be a good way to make some extra money selling campfire bundles.

Best of luck!

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Thanks! We have a fire pit and we do supply firewood because we have an enormous supply from trees we have cut down on our property. We also supply a propane grill :slight_smile: thanks for the feedback!!

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:smiley: so very happy! I just received a wonderful review from my 2nd group of tent campers! It was a group of 6 and they were younger so I wasn’t sure if they’d even leave a review but they were awesome. They even took some pictures of my animals and asked if they could send them to me, because they had such a great time.

My guests for the Farm House Camper arrived over the weekend and seem to be enjoying their stay. So far I’m loving hosting with AirBnB!


My advice? Give your insurance coverage a very careful read and consider adding a liability waiver. All kinds of things could go wrong with people not familiar with farm life and farm animals.