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New test to push guests to search for Instant Book listings

In the last weeks Airbnb has been testing a few changes to push more guests to look for Instant Book listings in the search results page.

In this way, people will much more easily access the filter and find places that are immediately bookable… If you don’t have IB activated, this might be one more reason to do so.

More details here: http://all-about-airbnb.com/post/152520038526/new-airbnb-ab-test-to-promote-instant-book


Yes I saw it for our city.

Fine by me as I use Instant Book :wink:


Hmm… It is little bit wired for me, because the searched listing looks old version.
There are many searched listingㄴ with host’s picture, but it is old searching screen.

But I can check in the AB website that IB activation tap has created as above.

Same for me IB and it’s very few that using it in Sweden so I get to be ranking 1 for my city

Have you ever had people show up whom you wished you’d not had access to IB? In other words, did you have any bad guests that squeaked through? I’m thinking of the woman who was allergic to radio waves and removed furniture.

She sounds like a nutcase :slight_smile:

Through Airbnb, I’ve only had one couple who got a thumbs down in the review section. They were noisy (at 3.30 am, outside the apartment), left every single pot and pan in the place dirty and had obviously enjoyed pizza in bed (they had a pizza delivery at 4 am) which caused quite a lot of special treatment for laundry. Plus there was popcorn all over the floor and tomatoes, yes tomatoes, under the sofa.

But if I didn’t have Instant Book I’m pretty sure I would have approved them because they seemed to be a sensible middle aged couple!

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Haha. Not all the time :wink:
Definitely have no time for Instant Book though. Funny…was talking to an Airbnb traveler just today. Don’t think he was a pizza fan. Said he would never select a listing using Instant Book as he preferred the interaction to suss out the host. We have to agree, as we like to talk to prospective guests too.

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