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UPDATE: I got it working only to find the most basic level of permission for team members gives them information about each booking fee - this means I can’t use it, I’m not sharing that confidential information with my cleaning company. To anyone else that this would put off, please use the Feedback button on the Team page to register your dissatisfaction with this - as Allison says, if enough of us complain at this initial stage it might get changed! Thanks.

Im in the UK here and Airbnb have recently rolled out a new feature called Teams that allows you to bring other people into your hosting account but unlike with a co-host, you can limit what information team members can see and what actions they are authorised to perform.

I think the team feature would be so so so valuable to me - as a remote host of a single entire property that is serviced by a cleaning company - it would be great to give the cleaners ability to view my calendar and guest correspondence, without them being able to view the financial details or have the power to accept or decline guests.

I am testing this on my husband to makes sure it works before getting the cleaners involved, and I’m really struggling. I have removed my husband as co host and added him as a team member, but I can’t get the team function to work for him at all.

I’ll give it 24 hours and try again. In the meantime, does anyone else have experience with this? Thanks!

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Hi @helengray

Oh yes, this is an Airbnb global policy change rather than just something for the UK.

I haven’t used it as I just text my cleaner if I need her team in-between regular cleans.

I would suggest if you can’t get it to work, it would be worth you giving Airbnb a call.

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Thanks Helsi, can I ask, how do you let your cleaner know when guests arrive and leave? Do you text her every time or does she have access to a calendar, use Properly or something else?

I just tested this out to see if it would work well for my cleaner. The calendar view still shows the total booking revenue, which I’m not keen about, but doesn’t give her details or access to the messaging thread.

I’m not finding any way to communicate with her through the team function? I would have thought there’d be more content around task assignment or other coordination. I’m not sure this is any more useful than sharing a google calendar.

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thanks Allison - I’ve got it working and, like you, it is sharing my total booking revenue. I will not be using it for this reason - I consider this business sensitive information that I wouldn’t dream of sharing. Agree with you about disappointing lack of messaging functions. Ah well.


I agree. I noticed they have a “feedback” button at the bottom of the Teams page. I submitted this comment as a bug - perhaps you might, too? Maybe they’ll tweak that if enough people complain.

The “Basic” view should just have access to calendar/dates, no financials.


Oh I most certainly will! Thanks for pointing it out :slight_smile:

I haven’t noticed this…thank you for mentioning. I will check it out.

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It’s my home @helengray so none of the above :slight_smile:

As I said, she comes regularly and if I need her in-between, I text her. It goes in our diaries. Done deal :slight_smile:

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Updating this thread because I lodged a ticket with them that’s made progress.

The good news is that they’ve acknowledged this is a bug and they assure me they’re working on fixing it because they’ve received several complaints.

The second question in my ticket was: can you give me assurance that Airbnb WILL NOT contact my cleaner with guest issues?
(The first CS agent I spoke to claimed there was no bug and that my cleaner should have all this info “so they could deal with issues if [I] was not available”. )
They promised that they will only contact a co-host or team member with “guest management” access. :crossed_fingers:

Here are a couple of screenshots I sent to CS of what this mess looks like.

Here’s where you set permissions. Their first “fix” was a suggestion to uncheck “basic”, which isn’t even possible. (Not inspiring much confidence in their CS agent)

These are two e-mails my cleaner received about different guest reservations. As you can see, she’s getting entire messages from guests, along with Accept/Decline and “Send guest a message” buttons. (If you click through, the website blocks her from actually communicating, but she shouldn’t even see these guest messages). You can’t see it without clicking on it, but the bottom of the left message shows total revenue for the stay.

I’d be fired if I released such poorly tested products that showed sensitive information to unauthorized users. They’re lucky they aren’t subject to HIPPA. :upside_down_face:


This is not working for me either and I wish it would. I have a ticket open with Airbnb but the agents don’t seem to know anything about it or how to fix. They did tell me that all cohosts must be removed from your account first then add the team members. I did that but the team members are still showing as “Pending” even after they have accepted the invite and they cannot see the calendar. Show stopper. Just called them again, will go back to cohosting today.