New security cameras - how to tell guests?

I finally got around to installing outdoor security cameras. I do want to make sure guests know about them, so where is the best place to mention them in your listing?
Also, for the guests that booked before the cameras were installed (so, no mention of them in the listing at the time of booking), but will now stay at a property with cameras, how do I let them know? Send them a message now? Or just point them out when they come for their stay?

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Yep to both. Add it the listing and notify the people who have already booked. would you give refunds if anyone said they weren’t happy?

Yes, I think that would only be fair. I was thinking I would mention it in my “how to get here” message, which is sent 1 to 2 days before they arrive. But then I thought if someone was really bothered by the cameras, that may not give them enough time to re-book… it seems odd to just send them a message saying “oh, by the way, I have security cameras now”…

Also include a picture of them or one. Make it clear they are outside and they aren’t being spied upon in the rental.

Ah, you are approaching this from the wrong angle. You will send an email touting an upgrade you have made for their personal safety. Always approach from the positive.


@smtucker is totally right !

I have it in my listing and I have a sign on my garage.


@smtucker, I love this approach. Thanks!

Thanks @CatskillsGrrl. I was either going to mention it in the “other things to note” section, or in the “guest access” portion, since I have a bullet list there. Your listing wording works well, and makes sense.

I would follow @smtucker approach, but when you offering a property in the country you need to be careful about referencing safety because it sends the wrong message. If I was renting a property in an urban environment, everyone on both sides would assume that safety and self and property is something you need to be mindful of, but not in the country. If anything, my city slicker guests are already too needlessly fearful.