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New Scam - Way to hack you account

So I saw this listed on a different group but thought I would share. I’m pretty web savvy but might of fallen for this one is not forewarned.

"Just want to warn you guys of this spam. They intentionally misspelled a lot of words so we wouldn’t find the exact message when we look it up online. However, I found some hosts wrote a blog about this.

I clicked on the link and it kept making me sign in which I did (fucking stupid tbh)… According to the blog they will get your password and then take over your bnb account. I just changed my password. So beware"


Thanks for the warning and screenshot!


Oh yes I have seen this one mentioned in the Airbnb Community forums over the last four years or so. Another variation is that they say they have seen your listing cheaper elsewhere.

The clue in this one is also the URL with /external.

Glad you were able to rescue the situation @Lynick4442

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