New scam/phishing

I wanted to share an inquiry I received yesterday that was an obvious phishing attempt. They were wanting to book 10 days.

"Hey. I can reserve all the free dates with you. Interesting? Then go to my telegram channel and read all the details! telegram channel …(then a link)

I declined, then reported it to Airbnb. (report this user link)
Within a few minutes I had a message back from Airbnb that they had removed the account.

If it looks fishy, it’s probably phishy!


It’s amazing to me that anyone is naive enough to respond to inquiries like these, or click on the links.

I mean, someone must do it or the scammers would stop, but… the mind boggles.


@Pockethouse Yes, there seem to be a big increase in scam inquiries being reported on host forums. But FYI, do not decline these, just report them. No need to lower your acceptance rate for a scammer.


Have had a couple of these, almost exact same wording. Reported to Airbnb and guest account gone within a few hours.

Both times got a follow up from Airbnb with the usual security advice re passwords etc.



I’ve had loads and (shame on me) haven’t reported them. I will start to do so though.


Thanks for the reminder about declining. I thought we could decline an inquiry (vs request) without any negative repercussions.
I’ve never quite been clear on this, but why even risk it?

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If in doubt, just report it.

Curiously, with BDC, now that we are of the exalted status that allows for guests to contact us pre booking, all we’re seeing is spam about saving the koalas!

Now, I’m as much a koala lover as the next host, but what pisses me off is Pulse app giving its distinctive beep, me getting excited about a booking and then finding out its some spammer wanting me to send them money to save koalas. No! I have never had a single koala bear book, so why should I send money to help them :roll_eyes:



Uh… no. If you DECLINE an inquiry, it will count against you. You should always answer an inquiry, even if the answer is “NO!”. That stops the inquiry clock although you will still be hassled by Air to “Accept or Decline” which you do NOT have to do for inquiries. 24 hours after the inquiry it will die and disappear without any negative consequences as long as you answered. For inquiries, just answer.

Requests to book, however require either acceptance and declining, and if you don’t answer, it will be an automatic decline which has negative consequences.


It isn’t a risk. Declines count against you whether it’s an Inquiry or a Request. Simply answering an Inquiry without clicking on pre-approve or decline doesn’t affect anything. I’ve done it many times.


Very cute!


Thanks. I didn’t realise this.

After you reply, it will be sitting there on your dashboard, you can then “dismiss from dashboard” directly after replying to the inquiry. Once I dismiss it from the dashboard, I never hear about it again.

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Thanks for that. I realized the inquiry clock stopped, but didn’t recognize that I didn’t have to accept or decline. Thats a big relief.

Yes. We’ve received junk solicitations via Airbnb messaging lately. Just report and decline.

I have had people that say they want to book but "Their company is paying for it ect. and due to insecure CC…ect. they want my full name and address where to send money order or certified check. I have always felt it was some sort of scam and responded that all monies must go thru the platform. I have never heard form any of them after that. Anyone else have this happen much?

It is a scam. Don’t respond and report it to Airbnb.


Had a strange one today, asking me to contact them through telegram channel… any one know what that is please?

Had a couple as well, reported both and Airbnb deleted the accounts shortly after.

This is Telegram, a massaging service basically.


You can also block a guest once you have reported them, so there’s no more need to either accept or decline, or even respond. I’ve yet to see a comment that blocking effects hosts negatively. I report and block locals often. Just had 2 today.

Here is a copy of what was sent to me today. Although this is HomeAway.


My company will be taking care of the vacation so I can only make the

payment by sending you a company or certified check for the payment, kindly

get back to me with the mailing information and total quote for the night

via text or my direct email address, so we can further discus this, also

the PDF attached is the information my direct email address and my cell

phone number.


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