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New Rules for Resolution Center

…Because my bad luck with guests is continuing, another ‘lock out’ situation where a lock smith had to be called, I went to start the Resolution Center process and noticed that we now have 60 days to file a resolution center request. I was dead certain I only had 48 hours in the past. Anyone else aware of this change? Am I missing something?

"What is the Resolution Center?

The Resolution Center lets you request or send money for things related to your Airbnb trip. To open a refund or payment request, go to www.airbnb.com/resolutions.

You have up to 60 days after your reservation’s checkout date to submit a Resolution Center request."

I then did a quick search of security deposit and found this:

“If a host wants to make a claim on the security deposit, they must do so within 14 days of the checkout date or before a new guest checks in, whichever is earlier. If a claim is made, Airbnb will mediate and collect payment from the guest, as necessary.”

So it looks like ABB has given us more than the original 48 hrs, as long as the claim is made before a new guest checks in.


Well, the fact that claims must be made before a new guest checks in could make it as little as 3 hours depending on your turn around time!


I was thinking the SAME thing…but overall, I think this may be an improvement.

It was always my ‘believe’ it was indeed 48 hours, but the ‘before next guest’ requirement makes both timetables a moot point, if booked back to back.

(see my pm) :sunglasses:

So glad to have you back @mearns - y !!! We missed you

Ugh. Yeah, that’s a lot of pressure on those of us who host a lot of back to back guests. I don’t like this at all.

So while one is trying to get ready for the next back-to-back guest (in 2-4 hours), one is suppose to stop everything and get on the computer and start a proceeding with the Resolution Center? What relevancy does having another guest have anything to do with it? They can’t be serious, that is ridiculous.

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