New revenge review policy

As we know, a new policy (nov 16 2022) just came out.

Has anyone tried yet to delete smth using these new rules? Does it work or… as usual?:laughing:

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mixed results I’d say, although there’s not a lot of people saying they’ve had success, but generally people come to forums to whinge. (and fair enough! we need the support)

I tried to see if I could sneak through an overturn of a total bollocks review where she gave me 3* for the weather, but no luck.

I tried to get a review removed where the guest started to complain before she even arrived and then she gave advice to future guests to bring their own dishes and utensils to wash in the bathroom sink. (I provide paper plates and utensils) because there is no skink in the kitchenette which is clearly marked and my rules also state that dishwater with food can not be washed in the bathroom sink. I told airbnb that this could cause harm to my plumbing and it against my house rules and escalated it but to no avail. I have over 400 5 stars review, hav ending had less than 5 in over 4 years but no, no, no

I had a guest come with an extra person about a year ago, I called AirBnb and they cancelled the guests stay without even talking to her (CS said he called no answer) So then she would not leave for another 4 or 5 hours and left me a one star review in the end.

The way I am reading this new policy I have two legs to stand on to get it removed, guest broke house rules and overstayed. I will submit a request to get it removed and see what happens.



Since most people only show up commenting about a policy like this when they are denied or are contesting it, there is really no way of knowing. Anecdotal evidence can’t apply to this. Out of the millions of hosts I am sure that for every one host who complains here there are many hundreds who have had success - but again, who can tell?


I got one removed from a guest who wanted to cancel her trip with the full refund

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