New Regulations in Los Angeles

I don’t know what I should do after the new regulations kick in.
Any suggestions?

30+ day rentals? There is a need for furnished rentals for more than a month and less than a year, especially in L.A… I believe that would fit in with the new regs?
Get it set-up and I bet you rock it for pilot season pretty quickly.

Thank you JJD! I’ll try my best.

We can’t help you without knowing more details. Are you renting out your primary residence (where you live at least 6 months of the year), whole home or single room? If so, you need to register ASAP and pay the $89 fee, and you are limited to 120 days per year unless you pay an additional $850 fee to host the whole year. Even so, you’re limited to one booking per night, so if you’re renting out 2 or more rooms in your house as separate listings, you can only rent one at a time as a short term rental (<31 days). If you are renting a vacation home you are out of luck and can no longer do short term rentals, and if you are renting a rent-controlled (RSO) unit, they are working on modifying the regulations to allow these to be rented short-term, but only if the owner lives there (i.e. you can rent one unit of a duplex if you live in the other) and it will take time for the amendment to go through.

I highly suggest you go to the Facebook group “LA Airbnb Hosts for Fair Regulations” where you’ll find a lot more people who are familiar with the regulations, and many of them are advocating to get more rights for hosts (i.e. they are the reason that the regulations are being modified to allow rent-controlled units to list on Airbnb).

Either way, I would not be hosting any more until you fully understand the regulations and have registered (if you qualify), and if you don’t qualify to register, you better change to 31+ days or else you face a huge fine. Hosts on the Facebook group are already posting that they’ve received notices from the city that they are in violation of the ordinance, so the city isn’t joking around about the enforcement.