New referral program

“For each referred property that registers and starts receiving bookings, both you and your referral will receive 5 bookings commission-free.”

Don’t hesitate to pm if you are looking to start or have questions.
The link is the following:

Ditto here.

Have just started with and once I got my head around their intranet , have been absolutely flying with business from I thought it was just for hotels etc but private rooms in homes are absolutely fine. Private rooms actually stand out in contrast to hotel rooms in Dublin (Ireland ) but I charge more on, people are putting rooms in airbnb for almost little or nothing, so thankfully it has filled a gap in my reservations.

My advice is spend the time learning how to use the system before going live, I got so many reservations on the first day, I had to close my calendar, I got about 15 bookings in a few hours

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I have also most of my business with them. I am also able to raise a lot my price compared to airbnb. (Our place is a 3bed room private appartment).

I hope that it’s keep the same that almost only hotels as competition.

I listed a 5 star B&B in the UK though B.con for yrs before I retired
Be very wary of listing on booking.con if you are just letting a room in your home.
The expectations from guests will be much greater than guests using ABB.
If providing breakfast you need to be inspected by your local food & hygiene dept, pass a food hygiene exam and keep detailed records. Most guests will expect to get a breakfast as they don’t read the details.
B.con does not provide any kind of insurance like ABB so you need to insure as a B&B to cover yourself and the guest.
If you cancel a booking, B.con will find the guest alternative accommodation at your cost, eg if the only thing available is 4 times your price, B.con will book them in and bill you.
You will have to be more expensive to cover the 15% commission.
You can’t check your guests out before booking.
B.con gets a lot of cancellations, or they did when I was with them.

Sorry to be so negative but B,con make ABB look like angels

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I agree regarding cancelation but it’s possible to have a prepayment so it can reduce the cancelation. I agree also that some clients will look it as it’s hotel but for me I am able easily to have 8,9/10 review grade (better than most of my hotels in my city) while charging an high price (I think I can have 30% more compared to airbnb)

I have an appartment that is rented and the guests are not excepting the breakfast, I think it’s more excepted when you don’t offer an appartment and no kitchen.

In addittion, guests from seem to be more happy than guests from Airbnb. Airbnb guests have become so spoiled and demanding.

In addition to Airbnb and, Tripadvisor is also a good source of bookings for me.

@sylvainbg and @Jan_J , My comments were to people that rent a room in their home who will be expected to offer bed and breakfast by B.con guests, even if they say “no breakfast”.
House and apartment rentals have a more flexible type of guest (usually) and if you are renting out a house or apartment for short lets you will already have your own comprehensive insurance to cover letting the property. A lot of hosts renting a room in their home rely on ABBs insurance which B.con don’t offer.
I also use Tripadvisor Jan and find it good for bookings.

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I use in the off-season and winter.

During summer I (and most small and private hosts in our region avoid it), because it attracts a certain type of guests we want to avoid.

Thanks for the person that had signed with the referral link

I think i read somewhere that now also offer to charge your guest and then transfer money to your account just like Airbnb. Do you know anything about that?

my parents in France has this option. The client is charged at the booking and they get payments to the account like airbnb.
The option is possible in different countries but not all

Would be easy for me to do if i could find out if they offer this in Philippines, but so far my search have not given me any luck :frowning: Its a little complicated to charge cards here in Philippines :frowning:

You can ask clients to pay with bank transfer prior to arrival.
edit: if you have a bank account in europe/usa or other places accepted, you can charged this other account.
What about paypal?

Paypal do not offer us to charge credit card face to face in Philippines, only online. I think bank transfer would be to much hassle for many guest and ok just for a few. But if any one have a link where the list of what country they offer to charge your guest, please let me know.

What about 100% prepayment so you can charge online the client credit card?

I guess that could work, are you allowed to give them a link to your web page for the transaction?


You can normally send a link with paypal to the client mail requesting payment. I think it will be the easiest.

Exelent, as long as give the email to the guest it would be possible. Would it also be ok to inform that they have to pay within 24/48 hour for the booking to be valid? or would that break rules.

You need to configurate the terms of payment saying that guests has to pre pay the rooms. It’s an option in your interface, if configurate you can do anything you want.

Interesting :slight_smile: looks like i have to look more into Thanks for the info and the link :slight_smile: