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GRRRR! So one 4-star internal feedback review on accuracy caused me to get a 4.9 rating. Grandkids slept in a loft bedroom-which was accurately pictured & described, but kept the grandparents awake so they nailed me for it. Like most everyone here, I work extremely hard to make the entire experience perfect. Anyone know how long it takes to right such a wrong? Thanks


I did a webinar with experienced Airbnb guests. They take an annual vacation with family and stay in about 3 airbnbs every summer. They are fine with a listing that has 4 stars and they didn’t even know what is a superhost. We, I know I do, worry much more than our guests about our stars. You could view the webinar here for tons of comments from these guests.

Ask an Airbnb Guest Webinar Replay


That sucks, but I can only tell you of my own experience: In the very beginning, when I first started doing airbnb, I got a booking of a girl who thought she would rent my whole place without me in it. Well, that was wrong, and she contacted airbnb who cancelled on my behalf. This was in May. This was the only cancellation I’ve ever had. Now it’s October and I am at 99% committment, and I’ve had 40 odd bookings. but not 100%. Take that and draw your own conclusions!

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