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New Property in Tasmania

Hi, I’m new and am purchasing a duplex (two units) in Tasmania. It has been visitor accommodation for 12yrs and very dated.
Any advise is appreciated. I have been reading a lot on here and getting ideas.

Not sure what Countries everyone is from as mostly seems to be USA?

Advice Number 1: In the description of the listing, make sure to spellcheck words and use grammar that makes the listing easy to read.

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What areas you looking for advice on? @Debster

Airbnb Help Centre gives you an A-Z on the basics of how Airbnb works so head over there and read through.

Airbnb Community Centre has a forum with tutorials and advice for new hosts.

This forum is great for advice on specific hosting situations, and everything from linens to breakfasts, check-in to reviews.

Use the search function and if you can’t find the advice you are looking tell us what you want to know and we will try and help?

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This has the added benefit of making it easy to translate with Google Translate or the like for people who don’t speak your language.

I assume you are looking for advice about updating it to make it appealing to prospective guests and to secure high ratings. What is your budget?

A few things regardless of your situtation:

Things need to look clean and be clean. If you have faucets that a stained or caked with minerals, replace them. Cracked tiles, worn knobs, etc, might be clean but don’t look good.

Buy duvet covers and learn how to use them. Wash the textiles that are likely to have been sneezed and drooled on between each guest. Zip off pillow covers, etc. I prefer white towels and sheets. Accent colors of a colored blanket, throws, washcloths are great for pop of color. I don’t like white for upholstered furniture or rugs.

Have plenty of accessible electric outlets, don’t hide them behind furniture.

Buy durable things that guests can’t mess up or which are inexpensive to fix or replace. Guests will spill things, put glasses down without coasters. So stone, glass, laminate tops are good.

More information from you would be helpful.

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