New Pricing Feature - % discounts for specific times?

Anybody seen this feature before and know how to use it? I don’t use Airbnb’s Smart Pricing tool, so may not have access to it. It popped up when searching for accommodation.

Hi Vincent,

It can be found in Pricing settings > Discounts:


From BNB.Adventure’s post, it only 4 nights discounted. But on airbnb price setting, it has to be either weekly or monthly. I like the few days discount better, some times need fill in the gaps between booking.
How to set up few days discount? thank you. It’s a good idea.

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Thanks Pierre, have seen that part before though never used it. Looking at it now it asks me to set specific prices, rather than a % discount.

Do you know if Airbnb just converts the price to a % off?

On the right hand side of my Airbnb calendar, there are usually several different “suggestions” as to how I can improve bookings. Very often I’ll see something along the lines of "Lots of people are looking for accommodations in your area for (a particular date range of usually 3 to 5 days). It goes on to suggest I offer a 10% or 15% discount in order to encourage a booking. I think this is what you’re seeing.


What Chloe said.

If you have a few days in between bookings you are looking to fill, you can just change those prices manually. Minimal effort required :slight_smile:

This is something completely different. It is a feature that is available for only a few hosts and let you define % discounts that expire at a certain time. The feature is also coupled with a mail campaign that Airbnb send to guests looking for a place under those particular dates. You will get the “this host has a % xx discount for this dates and the offer will expire on …”

I don´t know how someone could qualify to get this feature. Maybe new hosts or hosts with a low number of bookings that need a boost. Whatever, you can´t set the dates you want. It is Airbnb that asks you if you would like to offer an extra discount for some dates they select (and are available on your calendar, of course). You can think of it as a little complement of the Suggested prices or Smart Pricing. The feature is nice, especially the part that Airbnb helps you promote your offer by sending emails, but I don’t particularly like the exclusivity of it for just a few hosts and not all. It has been around since 3 or 4 months.

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Thanks for highlighting this! Perhaps it is something they are testing in the market? I guess we will see :slight_smile:

Hmm, I don’t have this feature available. Interesting.

It is not a permanent feature.

It just pops up now and then, it seems that is linked to the interest of certain guests.