New price calculator tool?

I haven’t noticed this before: a price calculator tool. Hosts complain that they don’t know what guests are paying. That was available by looking at your listing and mimicking a booking but not via the calendar. This is on the calendar page now. Is this available for everyone or only when smart pricing is used?


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I have smart pricing as a whole (and have the calculator now) but there are individual fats (namely the three days before and after each booking and today, tomorrow and the day after that (I change them every night) to non-smart pricing. Not sure if that matters.

I do not use smart pricing, and I see it to the right of the calendar. But it’s in small print, and just says “Guests pay: $3331 Payout: $2861 More>”
When you click on the “more”, I get the details @KKC showed.

(And, yes, those are the right numbers for my example. AirBnB is charging a $380 service fee on a $3000 booking! No wonder we’re not getting as many bookings over AirBnB as last year when they charged a lot less for the service fee)

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Still much better than the 15 is taking. Not sure how much is the take on vrbo etc.

My most recent booking is 12.78% on a $5215.00. And this particular house wasn’t listed on any other platform.

When I look at what guests pay, it’s our payout (253) + 20% for AirBnB (304) :roll_eyes:.

I don’t have that showing up…checked with and without smart pricing…nothing!

In addition, I can no longer see (anywhere!) what the guests pay in fees. It used to show local taxes and occupancy fees…which are really high, so it helped to know the breakdown and be able to tell guests that their rate includes that high tax.

Now it just shows our rate, the cleaning fee, and the Airbnb service fee. WOW. Big change and I didn’t notice until just now.

I swear I think my listings are part of an experimental group where they try out different stuff on the platform, which is fine, but I’d like to know when they’re doing it!

Our area has a 3% fee to Airbnb, which seems fair to me. My only compliant is that they take 3% from the cleaning fee as well, which is not, since that goes directly to my cleaners. Any higher of a fee for cleaning, and I’d never get any bookings.