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New price breakdowns

I would like to thank Airbnb for the new breakdown, it hides my cleaning fee in the mix.


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Only 26 dollars for cleaning? That’s a bargain. The going rate in Tokyo for an airbnb cleaner is $50-60 for a smaller apartment… which is why we clean ourselves

@hypertokyo, my cleaning fee is USD 6. :slight_smile:

@n3rdw0p Was that a sincere thank you? Sometimes it’s hard to distinguish from sarcasm.

It is sincere, my cleaning fee is $40, which I use to make a one nighter worth it.

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And just like that, the new breakdowns are gone and it’s showing the cleaning fee again.


In ireland it comes up as a service fee

It was nice that it lumped it in, I don’t like it being separate and pointed out.

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