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New Performance metrics/page in app

I am seeing a new screen when looking at the Perfomance tab for Airbnb.

Is this a trial or is everyone else seeing it too? I liked seeing the visibility lines of how many searches and page listings shown…Over time I could predict when we were going to get a booking as a result, or got alerted to a hot weekend which would have me looking at events if I didn’t know of something already. Those are gone now :frowning_face:

I have a progress page, no performance page.

Progress is the last item on the left-hand side navigation of the picture I included and it shows like it did before…superho metrics. (click to expand the photo if you don’t see it.) The rest have some of the same data as before but presented differently. I’ll add some screen shots, all my metrics are blank because we are not hosting right now.

I have it too.

Me too, tells me nothing!
At least with the views count, you knew you were been seen.

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Just super - even less value to hosts. What’s next? 50% commission paid by host only?

I figured out how to get to the views graph. When you are on the new dashboard, on the left-hand side, in the first section, under where it says “Good Evening XX”, you’ll see “30 day views”. Click on the number of views, and it takes you to a view graph. It doesn’t look the same as the old one, but at least it’s there.
Really intuitive, user-friendly set-up, as per usual with all their “improvements” :grimacing:
I hope everyone is sending them feedback on the bad changes. So they lay off 25% of their staff, there are 3 hour phone waits and week long message response waits, yet they apparently have the manpower and time to completely change all of our hosting pages.
I’ve just about had it with these idiots.


Thanks I saw a new dashboard today, even newer than my first post a month ago. And I found the item you mentioned. But I’ll complain because it’s the PAST 30 days for me: “past performance is not a guarantee of future performance.” UGH, I want to see the month AHEAD because that’s more an indication of future bookings.

The new layout is awful and lots of useful information that I used to have access to has now been removed. This is not a good look for AirBnB, doing all these changes that are to the detriment of hosts. Bad call.


I dont do forums but I specifically dedicated time to make a public complaint about the new Performance dashboard on this app. Every time there is an “update” to the app, I cringe. There has NEVER been a time that it has gotten better for me, mainly because of system bugs or glitches. Literally never.

One time I was trying to set up my business team but the dialogue boxes came up in some Asian language characters instead of English so I couldn’t get it done. My notifications barely work, and haven’t for the last couple years, so I have to rely on email notifications instead. The earnings amount we used to have would fluctuate wildly and never added up right. New messages would occasionally not appear in the inbox, old messages I’d like to go back to are usually not available (messages jump from a few days ago to over a year ago). Guests see bogus phone numbers and addresses to contact me. I’ve called in to discuss these issues and their response is always the same, “There must be an issue with your device.” and, “I can’t see anything wrong on my end.” No. Your programming director is simply garbage. I know these are problems being experienced throughout the hosting community.

This is the backbone of your business. You need to have it TOP NOTCH. This is substandard, at best. Now, there is this new performance information, some of which is useful, but at the expense of the most important information: how much money do I have coming in this month.

Look, AirBnB, if you cant afford proper leadership in your development team them just contact me, I’ll do it pro bono, but this is shameful for a multi-billion dollar organization that’s trying to go public. It’s a simple issue, get it fixed.

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Errrr… you don’t do research either. This forum has nothing to do with Airbnb.


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@Ryan_Stone, welcome to this forum. In case you don’t know, we aren’t affiliated with Airbnb. We are Airbnb hosts, but this isn’t a forum run by or monitored by Airbnb. Your post here will never reach Airbnb.

You would do better to contact Airbnb through the website or through their Facebook or Twitter accounts.


You should post on the Airbnb twitter and facebook accounts.

Thanks for visiting here though.

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