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New Orleans says “only 2 guests per bedroom”—but does anyone care?


The city has imposed regulations limiting the number of guests to 2 per bedroom and no guests allowed in other rooms such as a sofa bed. I have a three bedroom house that sleeps 10, but the city emailed me and said I was only allowed to advertise 6 guests on Airbnb. I’ve noticed many listings are still advertising more than 2 guests per bedroom. How do you deal with the city’s requests to lower the number of guests on your listing? Is there a penalty?


This is an international forum with hosts dealing with 100s of differing regulatory parameters. We do have some NO hosts and maybe they will chime in.

I’d say focus on you and not what other hosts are doing/getting away with. I don’t know what the penalty is there but I assure you there is always a penalty. How strictly enforced is another. Or maybe you get to be the lucky one they make an example of because they can’t get everyone. I’d follow the law, at least on my listing. If a situation arises where someone books for 6 and asks to bring in a 7th I’d deal with it then. Keep in mind cities sometimes set up sting type operations where they pose as guests and then ask you about violating the law and if you agree, they have you.


If you don’t obey the regulations, and get caught, YOU will be penalized. Don’t worry about what others do – keep your own “house” clean.

Telling the city or fellow hosts that “so-and-so did it, so I thought it was OK for me” is not going to get you any sympathy from anyone.


I agree. I’m not going to test the city. But they threaten to fine you or even disconnect your utilities for noncompliance, and I’m just curious as to how so many people are getting away with it. Do they have lawyers? Or if they’re getting fined, is it worth it to break the rules?


Maybe try google?


As others have said just concentrate on you. Why does it matter how others get away with it - if they do.

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