New On demand Insurance for sharing economy and it's an APP

I’ve seen this asked about many times. This is on demand insurance for your rental home/room. Not available everywhere but it’s a beginning to a largely ignored market.

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Quote from the article - the opening sentence:

We’ve all heard horror stories from people who’ve rented out their apartments on Airbnb, only to later discover them completely trashed.

Is that really the case? Not in my experience.

@jaquo That’s because we don’t offer high-end, large party places in a city.

I wonder if insurance like this is worth it. Because if it’s an average of $5/stay and 10 stays/month that’s $600. But if that $4 quote was for a 1-night stay you could be paying $1200-1500/year. I do like that you could just sign up when you have guests where the communication leading up to the stay has you worried though.

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I scanned the policy wording, really need more time to do a critique and it seems legit.

Cost for me was $7.25 per night, $1000 deductible, the no deductible items are minor covers which have other limitations.

One thing I like is you don’t have to go through your primary. For a quick overview see their FAQ

I do like that I only buy it when I need it. I guess we could build the cost into our nightly rate or part of it. Here’s the quote I got for my nyc area.

I just signed up to be notified when they have coverage in my state. And they provide rideshare coverage too, my husband drives for Uber!

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