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New NY Airbnb Law awaits governor's signature


So there is a new law awaiting Gov Cuomo’s signature which greatly affects the legality of Airbnb and online short term rentals on the whole in my home state.

I’ll be honest though, I don’t fully understand it and I’ve read countless articles on the subject. I’ve also visited the website where the original multiple dwellings law is posted in full and still don’t understand the need for a bill that makes “online advertising” of short term stays illegal. It seems like this law could easily be circumvented by just not posting your place on the internet. It also seems as though this was already dealt with the multiple dwellings law. I also can’t seem to find if this affects just NYC or the entire state of New York.

Either way if you are from New York, please make sure to email the Governor’s office today and let him know how you feel!

I agree this bill is redundant with current law. It must be for the whole state but it’s not clear, it just mentions cities with over 1 million people to be regulated by that mayors office. Seems like a lame attempt to satisfy the hotel lobbyists.

Well I’m glad I’m not the only one who finds it utterly confusing. Would really like to know if this applies to the whole state or cities over a certain population, like how the original multiple dwelling law applies.

I find it confusing also, but it did seem clear that it’s aimed at whole house/apartment offerings, not shared spaces, or renting of private rooms. However, I don’t see why I can’t, on the rare occasion I go on vacation, rent out my entire home while I’m gone.

Well it they passed it but from the gist of this article it seems as though it only applies to NYC thankfully. Even though it doesn’t affect my listing this is still a nightmare for the almost half of the listings in NYC that are “entire homes”.

It’s really unclear I read the legislation. However, the governor still has to sigh the bill. We will see.

The link at the top of this thread will take you to a link to a PDF file of the actual bill.

I’ve read the law multiple times, I think it’s meant to be vague. And if you read the article I posted more recently it states the governor already signed it into law late last night.

Thanks Craig, hope it’s not so. But it’s really not too important as renting less than 30 days is already prohibited. This just relates to advertising so they can fine more easily.

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