New notices from airbnb?

I’ve started to get notices from airbnb when a preapproved guest books elsewhere. Why is this? I really don’t care to know.

I pre-approved a guest on August 18. I just got an message from the guest saying “think i get a info from airbnb that the Reservation is canceled. I’m very sorry, but we are not interesting. Sorry for this late Information from me. Good luck. Greetings from Berlin,”

Anyone know what this means? Obviously their English is scant or I’d ask for clarification


I think (and I am not sure) they booked somewhere else and then told you they were going else. Their booking another property must have sent out some alert to you.

Preapproval doesn’t mean the booking is confirmed, it just means they don’t need to send a request in to you to approve, that’s all.

Thanks tom2, I’m aware of that - which is why I thought it was strange that they got a notice from airbnb about cancelling…

My question is - why did I get a notice at all? This is the second time it has happened - but I’ve never had it before. This isn’t the first time a pre-approved guest hasn’t chosen to stay with us - so I’m wondering about these new notices.

I think AirBnb just wants you to know they have moved on so you can book other guests without blocking that timeslot up?

When you’re a guest and finally book a place, there’s an option to automatically let the other hosts you’ve been in contact with that you no longer need accommodations. It usually appears as an “inquiry closed” message or something like that. I think the system thinks this info is helpful for hosts so we don’t have to think twice when another guest contacts us about the same dates.

Personally, I like it.


Thanks, Chicago, I’ve just never seen it before.