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New No Photo Until Booked Policy and Chrome Extension


A RTB (I’m picking up Insiders’ acronyms…) came with no photo last night and I was unable to connect to the extension to see her reviews before responding. Is this now the case or just a blip?

Fortunately, she was a really helpful, chatty person, so I was happy to accept; she had 14 or so brilliant reviews to her name, visible after her booking was confirmed.


It’s been reported as on and off since January. It’s not reliable.


I noticed the same thing last week. I thought sirreview had stopped working entirety. There is still value in seeing the reviews later. It may help me do something to avoid the problem or prompt me to cancel an instant book that feels uncomfortable


Thanks Dusty. So not linked to the photo policy then.

BTW, referring to an earlier thread and PM’s with you and @Helsi, our new Norwegian Forest Cat kittens were born 10 days ago. I feel better!


Don’t have a PM from you @Joan ? but glad to hear about the kittens - do send one over (a PM not a kitten :slight_smile: ) .


I don’t think so. I think it was linked to an update done back in January that changed the appearance of the review page.


Back in December…


Oh lordy @KKC you have the memory of an elephant. I can’t remember what I did yesterday :blush:


I had to look up the date using the search function but I remembered it was awhile ago. Probably only because her other kitties had passed and because it was animals. Had it been another kind of heartbreak I probably would be confused too. LOL. :dog::dog2::cat::cat2::fish::tropical_fish::bird::rabbit:


Chrome extension airreview is a revelation. I would of dodged the last bullet had I known earlier :frowning:


I’ve just had a really good chuckle over this one. Brilliant.

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