New neighbour with bad character,should i update my guests?

Hi, recently a new neighbour just move in next to my place. Not only he is rude, but more appropriate to describe as “dangerous” (he was formerly a drug addicts). Since he moved in to my area, some houses was broken into and at night time, there will be illegal motor racing activities in our area (my place is located in a town house area whereby everyone share a same parking lot and leisure area, no gate between every house). I’m so worried of this but seriously nothing that i can do with this new neighbour… I have a few confirmed booking which the earliest check in is end of November. Should i update my guests that situation has changes and allow them to cancel booking if they feel unsafe? What if my unit was broken into and my guests property has been robbed? Can they claim from me? I’m sure they will leave a bad review if this happen. Hence, i’m thinking that better i tell the truth than say sorry later, but I’m not sure this will be the best solution. Will the guest or i get penalties by Airbnb if either one side cancel the booking on security reason? Please share your thoughts. Thanks!!

I would call Air and ask for advice. They may let you cancel penalty free because your circumstances are extenuating and beyond your control.

Thanks Konacoconutz, but Airbnb do not have an official office or contact number at my country (Malaysia). I’ve run through the whole website and could not find any email that i can get in touch with them except to go through a resolution center. Any idea?

Hi @sasa,

That’s also the case here - India.

Option 1: call the US directly. Skype would work, for example.

Option 2: write and ask them to call you. You can send a private message via their Twitter account. Someone said Facebook also works.

Thanks Faheem, I’ve just registered a twitter account and dropped them a message. Hopefully will get their call.

It could be a coincidence about breaking into houses. How do you know he was a drug addict?
They race motorcycles AT NIGHT??? on a parking lot of the townhouses??Which country is that?
Noone calls police when they hear the horrendous noise of motorcylces?