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New meaning for SuperHosts?

Has anyone seen this? What are your thoughts?


I had my doubts the first time I read this but now I believe it is a SUPERB idea!

If I wouldn’t have time to manage my place I would rather prefer giving it to a SH nearby than to a rental agent that works for a company that manages other 30/50/100 listings around. While it is true that don’t being a SH doesn’t mean you are a bad host, it is also true that a SH can’t be a bad host after all the metrics under he is evaluated. I would add to this new testing program that you need to be Superhost AND have at least an appropiate number of reviews/bookings that proves your experience with the site. I don’t believe a SH with only 10 reviews means that he is prepare to handle someone else home, and I would also add that you need to have earned the SH badge and hold it for at least a year to become a manager.

The only thing is that despite I would love to manage someone else home and welcome his guests, I won’t do it if the guest’s review will have an impact in my profile. When guests rate me, I’m quite sure that a big portion of their rating comes from the accomodation itself, not from how I treat them. I could work close enough with the owner to provide him the best advice to reach the best ratings BUT it is his place afterall so the guest review should be written there. If I started getting bad reviews because the owner’s area is noisy, his water presure is low, the bed is uncomfortable, or whatever, it will affect my own reputation and my ability to continue getting reservations in my place.


This is being tested in the Washington DC area. Several of us are listed - I haven’t had any requests yet!


Oh, interesting. Could you give us more clues of how it works?

Do you need to list yourself as willing to manage other properties or being a SH is enough to get listed automatically?
What happens with the guest’s review? Where it goes? to your profile or to the owner?

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You do need to list. Airbnb sent an email with a profile to be filled out, you decide how much or how little you want to help out. There have been two meetings in DC to explain how it works, and to match hosts.

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Still very much in early test phase so only in a small area.

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