New map "hotspots"

When looking at my listing incognito yesterday, i noticed something new when I looked at map view (at least new to me). It said “hotspots”, and you could click on restaurants, cocktails or shopping. Then air showed a little circle of those areas. Well this made my location look worse, as these perceived hotspots made it look like there were none of these things near our unit. There is a small group of all of those things (including a few highly reviewed restaurants, etc.) right in our neighborhood, but not enough I guess for air to call it a hotspot. They also neglected to have a button for tourist attractions, which we are quite close to a bunch of them. I’m worried this new feature might result in less bookings. Anyone else see this?

Can you post a screenshot?

I will try but I’m on my phone right now so not sure if I can from here.

That’s interesting - I haven’t seen it. Will go and have a look shortly and see if we have something similar.

This is the strangest thing. I’m not seeing it now. I swear I saw it yesterday! I was at work (on a break of course, LOL) and using Firefox as my browser. I will definitely try to screenshot if I see it again. I’m not crazy, it was there!!!

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